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Each Spring LS Baseball awards one or more college scholarships, in varying amounts, to graduating seniors who have participated in our programs. We typically split our scholarship budget ($7,500) amongst multiple deserving recipients. Seniors at LSRHS, as well as other high schools, are eligible and you do not need to be a member of your high school baseball team to earn a scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded to those seniors who benefited and learned from participation in LS Baseball.  We are also looking for a demonstrated commitment of time and energy in support of LS Baseball, other youth sports programs and other service-oriented activities.  Recipients of these scholarships possess exemplary character traits and solid academic records as they will represent the Lincoln and Sudbury communities as they move on to college life. 

Awards will be based upon the following criteria as determined by a Committee of members and former members of the LS Baseball Board of Directors:

  • The ability to articulate how participation in baseball and other sports activities has had influence in your life and that of others you played or interacted with.

  • The demonstration of the three major developmental objectives that are considered core values of the LS Baseball Program: character, courage, and loyalty. 

  • The quality of effort, amount of time, and level of responsibility spent as a participant and/or volunteer in the LS Baseball programs. 

  • The quality of effort, amount of time, and level of responsibility spent as a volunteer OR in paid service to LS youth sports programs, schools, church, and/or community.

  • The applicant’s academic performance.

  • The depth and breadth of descriptions and explanations in the application as well as the organization, spelling, and grammar used in the responses.

  • NEW: A 15-minute Zoom session with the Committee to answer any clarifying questions we have regarding your submissions (application and transcripts). This will be an informal, relaxed discussion that provides each applicant with the opportunity to briefly engage with the Committee and show the person behind the application. These sessions are currently targeted for late afternoon or early evening on Sunday, April 28, 2024.

NOTE: It is expected that the applicant will solely complete the application. A member of the Committee may contact the applicant for further information.

This application must be completed and submitted on or before April 14, 2024. An electronic version can be downloaded from  Please type your response to each question on the application (immediately following each question) and submit the completed application by e-mail (preferred) or postal mail to the contact information below.  Along with the application, please submit a copy of your current high school transcripts (scan and e-mail or by postal mail) to the committee chairperson. Your transcript should show grades for all classes Grade 9 to present and include current Credits Earned and GPA. An unofficial copy is acceptable but please do not submit iPass screenshots, quarter grades, etc.; only a transcript (which can be obtained via a guidance counselor) will be acceptable for the submission to be considered complete for committee review.

Awards will be announced at the Senior Scholarship Ceremony currently scheduled for May 28, 2024 at LSRHS. Recipients from schools other than LSRHS will be contacted separately after the ceremony. Recipients will also be asked to attend the subsequent LS Baseball Board Meeting currently scheduled for Monday, June 17, 2024 at 8pm (Zoom details will be provided) for a short visit to introduce themselves and tell the Board about their college plans. The Board enjoys this brief glimpse into who will be representing our communities as they move on to college life.

Kevin McGrath

Chairman, LS Baseball Scholarship Committee
18 Partridge Lane

Sudbury, MA  01776

[email protected]








1.)  Lincoln Sudbury Little League/Lincoln Sudbury Babe Ruth Participation: (Please put an “x” in the space provided to indicate the number of years of your participation.)

____Less than 4 years    ____4-6 years   ____ 7-9 years    ____10 or more years

NOTE: Use as much space as you need, the boxes will expand to contain your answers to questions 2 through 5, however, the Committee appreciates comprehensive, yet concise, answers.

2.) Life Lessons from Playing Baseball 

Bob Feller, a great pitcher for the Cleveland Indians from 1936 to 1956, once said “Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again. That’s the way life is, with a new game every day, and that’s the way baseball is.” 

Reflecting on the above, please list three specific examples of situations where the lessons you have learned from playing baseball have been impactful in other areas of your life.

3.)  Service to LS Baseball Programs and other Youth Sports Programs

Please describe your involvement in LS Baseball and other Lincoln or Sudbury sports, emphasizing your contribution to others in advancing their interest in sports.  Why do you think your involvement increased their interest in the programs?  (Please distinguish between voluntary, compensated, and expected service activities.  For example, coaching in a sports program is voluntary, umpiring or refereeing is compensated, and participating in fundraisers as a member of an athletic team is expected.  Also, please describe your level or responsibility in these activities.) 
Note: The committee is NOT asking about which youth sports programs you played but rather your impact on others playing.

4.) Extracurricular and Volunteer Service (Non-Sports)

Please provide your community service hours (available in iPass for LSRHS students) and describe your involvement in other (non-sport) extracurricular and volunteer activities on behalf of your community, church, school, or other organizations. (Please distinguish between voluntary, compensated, and expected service activities.  Also, please describe your level or responsibility in these activities.)
Note: The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to contact schools to confirm community service hours.

5.) LS Baseball Program

As you look back on your overall LS Baseball career (T-ball onwards), what did you enjoy the most? What did you like the least? Also provide one suggestion on how the LS Baseball program could potentially be improved in the future.

6.) Post High School Graduation Plans

Please describe your plans for the Summer & Fall following graduation. Also, please share your longer-term goals regarding the career you currently wish to pursue.

Summer 2024 Plans: 

Fall 2024 Plans:

Career Goals:

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